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Maybe you've had too many close calls forgetting to take the Pill on time. Or perhaps you never got over the ick factor of sliding a plastic ring into your vagina every three weeks. Whatever the reason for your birth control break, it's important to make sure you go off that Pill or ring the right way. The Pill and the ring...
The legalization of marijuana in several states has resulted in the birth of new business ventures, from weed delivery services to edibles event planning to even weed wedding flowers. And now, one man is looking to capitalize on the budding new industry by creating the world's first cannabis gym. Power Plant Fitness in San Francisco is a marijuana gym that will "integrate cannabis into one's daily routine...
  LOSE WATER WEIGHT When you reduce your carb intake, the first thing you notice is how quickly, even magically, the weight falls off. But it’s not fat you’re losing. It’s water. “When carbs are stored in the body in the form of glycogen, each gram of carbohydrate stores three to four times its weight in water," says dietitian and strength...
In a press conference on Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that Congress is planning to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funds as part of its repeal of the Affordable Care Act (the law more commonly known as Obamacare). The defunding measure would be part of a bill expected to pass Congress as early as next month. "Planned Parenthood legislation would be in our...
The new year is always a big moment for gyms to ramp up their marketing campaigns in an effort to attract new members, and this year Equinox is taking a bold approach, with the hashtag #CommitToSomething. The new ad campaign, which debuted today on Instagram and was photographed by Steven Klein, features a thyroid cancer survivor who is proudly baring her...
Eat mindfully. The idea behind mindful eating is pretty basic: If you take the time to truly savor what you are eating, without distractions, then your body will tell you when you're full and what it's craving. The hope is that mindful eating can lead you to a balanced, healthy diet that also includes your favorite treats. "If you pay attention...
If you take birth control pills and are sick of visiting your doctor just to get prescription refills approved, or you’d like to start but can’t find a doctor you trust, there is a better way. These apps and websites have your back. Oral contraceptives are safe enough that groups like the American Association of Family Physicians and the American Congress of Obstetricians...
Studies link insufficient sleep to some pretty scary consequences, including an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even some cancers. Experts still don’t fully understand why not getting enough sleep is connected to all of these conditions, but new research published this month adds one piece to the puzzle: Not getting enough sleep may cause changes to gut bacteria that could...
It's no secret that the "most wonderful time of the year" is also often the most stressful. The holiday season may bring lots of joy, but it can also mean coming face-to-face with financial strain, tense family relationships, and endless to-do lists. Friends, don't fret: There's hope. You can make things a bit easier by taking extra care of yourself during...
Spending so much time on the couch your skin might fuse with the upholstery. While downtime is good for both your body and mind, too much of it can be damaging. “People living a sedentary lifestyle tend to be less healthy,” women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D., tells SELF. As a general rule, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or...




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