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Rowan McGowan is just six months old—and while he can't even sit up on his own yet, he can hold a solid plank for up to 34 seconds. Not only that, but he doesn't even need a break before trying again. (Related: This Yoga Mom is Going Viral For Performing Amazing Poses With Her Kids) In a video posted on YouTube,...
If there's one thing that can make you give up on your workout routine faster than the allure of sleeping in an extra hour, it's an injury. But if your poison of choice happens to be cycling, muscle and joint pain come with the territory, right? Not if you've taken up aquacycling, a workout brought to the U.S. in 2013 by...
The latest in tech has made managing our personal fitness and health way easier, not to mention, more fun! By the looks of it, this trend is sure to continue in 2017. Here are our fave picks from this year's Consumer Electronics Show: A PORTABLE DIGITAL UV GERM STERILIZER The first product of its kind, the Ellie is is a digital sterilizing pod that...
When the cookies are scattered around the kitchen, the lights are strung across the family room and the menorah is burning, exercise probably isn’t your first priority. And hell, your family is also right there, wanting to spend lots of time with you. But sticking to your workout routine is important because no one wants to return from the holidays...
Strength Train 3 Times a Week Strength training, whether it's with weights or with bodyweight exercises, is what will tone your muscles, but in order to see results, you need to commit to 20- to 30-minute sessions at least three times a week.   Cardio 5 Times a Week Do 60-minute heart-pumping cardio workouts five times a week if your goal is to lose...
Even though the 2016 Summer Olympic Games finished a few months ago, many are still discussing the various results achieved by the athletes involved. One of the biggest topics, however, was the vast success of the various female Muslim competitors. While their success spoke for itself, plenty of focus was also placed on their personal clothing choices. Looking back to...
Working out weekly you are always working towards your #bodygoals but when you it always seems like the legs and thighs are very difficult to lean out. Without research you will be working out your legs and not gaining the results you are imagining. Here are some of the best hacks to thigh weight loss. Cardio and Enough of It Burning...
Congrats, you’re pregnant! But you’re also a runner…and no, just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to give up that stress-relieving morning jog. In fact, studies confirm that with a few adjustments, it’s totally safe for the baby. Here, seven tweaks all pregnant runners should make. INVEST IN A NEW PAIR OF SHOES FOR BETTER STABILITY It’s a given: Pregnancy throws off your...
I'd like to say that I'm a zen yogi who always has a cool, calm mind; positive perspective; and a zero-tolerance policy for things that don't serve my highest good...But I'd be lying. What yoga has given me, however, is the awareness to stop myself in the moment, recognize what is happening, roll out my mat, breathe deep, and feel better...
Fact: Gym visits nose-dive in November. Also not fiction: You can tone up and get significantly stronger anywhere—in 14 over-before-you-know-it minutes, no equipment ('cept your body!) required. Indulge us in an SAT-ish math problem, okay? If Jane works out for only 14 minutes a day, three times a week, how many dumbbells will she have to lift to get stronger...




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