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Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement may have ruled the news cycle last week, but now that the dust has settled, everyone has returned to business as usual. That, of course, includes poring over any and all updates relating to the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie. We’ve been placing bets for months on which beauty brand would sync up for a collab with the...
We all know that winter can be so harsh on our skin.  From cold temps outside to blasting the heater inside, skin can get pretty dry and dull this time of year.  I make a couple of changes to my skincare routine during the winter to keep my skin as smooth and glowy as possible. First, I make sure to...
Over the past 30 years MAC Cosmetics commitment to provided some of the most professional quality cosmetics in the industry- has done it again! And now, it's one-upping its own legacy by bringing pro-approved products to the people, too. Things just got real. Three legendary makeup artists — Diane Kendal, James Kaliardos, and Kabuki — have collaborated with MAC to...
Too Faced creator Jerrod Blandino dropped a heart-shaped bomb Tuesday night with his Instagram reveal of the brand's new "love light" (possible name of the collection?!) highlighters. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPF15xOBPRd/ The caption didn't say much besides "turn on your love light" and "March 2017," but it didn't need to. Highlighter aficionados everywhere began losing their minds. Fans seem equally excited over all three shades — I'm unofficially...
Lets get honest for a second... Sometimes we try to cram a workout in our working loves but we just don't have the time to freshen up how we would like to make it to another appointment or something of that sort. And rather than show up sweaty and disgusting we have some of the best of the best...
Remember back in the day when Crayola was actually a thing and having the 120 box of crayons meant you were "cool". Well you might be getting your cool back this year as Clinique and Crayola teamed up for the ultimate collaboration thus far in 2017 to add a bold pop of color and nourishment. The limited edition come in 8...
Now this is exactly how we should be ringing in 2017. Earlier this morning Maybelline announced its new ad campaign for its Big Shot Mascara by Colossal, you know, the one in the golden tube, along with two huge firsts for the brand. Not only has it teamed up with beauty influencers for the first time, this also marks Maybelline's first-ever...
It doesn't get much better than patting your face dry and feeling the smooth, baby-butt skin after you exfoliate. That's the magic of a good face scrub. Sure, there are other ways to exfoliate your skin, like enzymes and acids, but the manual kind is the OG for sloughing off dead skin and unclogging pores. These formulas usually have a gritty...
As a woman in love, Gwen Stefani is the perfect person for Revlon to tap to front its Choose Love campaign. The renaissance woman (singer, TV host, fashion designer, etc.) and beauty muse has been known since the '90s for her signature bold red lip, porcelain skin, and luscious lashes. So once we learn every affordable Revlon product she uses, you can...
Duochromatic highlighters are definitely having a moment. These unique formulas are characterized by their special iridescent pearl pigments, which feature the stunning ability to look like a different color from every angle. Just by delicately moving your head, could make your glow look golden, blue, or even green (the possibilities are truly endless). It's basically like seeing a rainbow...




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