May is one of my favorite times of the year because for me, it personifies transition. You may think well… its not even the half way mark. However mentally I have this habit of relating most things to sports and this is the second quarter right before we go to halftime. The year has flown by and every moment of it has been a lesson and a blessing in disguise. Life has a funny way letting you know when to move full speed, let off the gas and stop, do not pass go and collect $200!

As a mini recap, here is my monthly breakdown of what has been happening..


New Year, New Me as they say.. I made the decision to take a mental break from all toxicity; anything that felt forced. And that was a real mental break for me. Understanding what you need verses what you want to keep you happy is something I did and still and learning how to do daily. This is probably one of the hardest task but leaving the drama in the past was essential.


Planting season was happening unconsciously and more self-assessing was occurring. February was very inspirational as I witnessed history made on February 4, 2017. My dad was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and I’ve never seen my dad so vulnerable in all 27 years of my life. Hearing this story from the bottom up, helped me realize a lot about my character and these leaps and bounds I will be challenged with throughout the course of my personal and professional career. None the less remaining faithful to the Lord, present always and the power of patience – God will lead me to my ultimate destination.


Chileeee March was here today and gone tomorrow. Work was piling on and the deadlines were becoming more strenuous by the minute. Clearly there was a lack of a work-life balance and I had no time to take a break. My pride was tested in many ways and some may assume asking for help isn’t hard or saying NO isn’t hard- think again! For this chick, right here, it was dreadful but once I changed my narrative and shared responsibilities there was light as the end of the tunnel.


Was equally as busy as March but there were some highlights here. I started planning GAlexandra’s first Dinner Party #ThymeOut with my friend Andrea whom I’m so grateful for! I was taking on more projects at work while traveling more up and down the East coast gaining additional exposure and visibility in my respective practice. Between Chicago and New York I fell in love with each city for many different reasons but it was during this time my perspective started to change. Whenever I left town, I would take a skyline picture and make them my display picture on my lock screen and home screen. For me this was a consistent reminder of where I want to be and if I work hard enough and use my network anything is possible. Towards the end of the month I owed myself an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico and jumping off 20 feet cliffs and an ultimate FAIL reverse backflip, landing face first in the water was unforgettable. (It hurt like hell but I laughed at myself for the next couple hours as the left side of my face was bright red and numb for the reminder of the day. SHOW OFF!)

And now we’re here in May. Its only the second week and things are flourishing right before my eyes. This next chapter I am about to embark on is the best one yet and the story is still being written as we speak. I’ve dreamed of being in this space where I am today and daily I’m faced with a new challenge but I will never doubt myself like I have in the past. Nor give life to the failures and road blocks that occurred because that chapter is closed and prepared me for this very moment. Its time to put the oxygen mask on myself and chase my Paris as my friends say.

Until we chat again, I’ll leave you with this, each failure is followed by a growth spurt, nourished by increased reliance on The Lord. Enjoy the blessedness of a victorious life through deepening your dependence on Him for he shall never forsake you.

xo. G

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