Vagina necklaces. Pink pussy hats. Planned Parenthood pins. There’s never been a more important time to wear your feminism loud and proud — and there’s a new accessory that has nothing to do with down-there, but rather…up here. Just Nips, the stick-on nipples we’re betting are about to be the It outfit add-on of the resistance, is offering up its under-$10 signature item in two sizes, called “Cold” and “Freezing.”

Just Nips Stick-on Nipples, $9.99, available at Just Nips.

The way we’re looking at them, though, is that they serve a purpose that’s as stylish as it is feminist. You see, nipples in fashion are nothing new: The runways have been anti-bra since pretty much forever, and freeing the nipple dates all the way back to Madonna’s cone bra and Marilyn Monroe sewing marbles into the breast area of her dresses (and Samantha Jones was already onto the concept in season four of Sex and the City). While we used to stock up on padded bras (Ugh, we can do without the middle school flashbacks), women have since shifted from a-wh0le-lot-of-cleavage to more demure bralettes — or even no bra at all. These days, nipples have become an everyday part of some bloggers’ #OOTD posts on Instagram, or totally acceptable element of any campaign or editorial. And so, now is just the right time for nipple pasties that accentuate our nipples, rather than cover them up — and Just Nips isn’t just democratizing the look, it’s making it accessible to everyone.


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