Natalia Harris
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 21
Occupation: Professional Model | Full time Student
Instagram: @iamnataliaharris | Portfolio

It definitely goes without being said that being from Brooklyn, New York you’re certified dope. However, a professional model, full-time student and cancer survivor is total badass. Here at GAlexandra we just love women like Natalia Harris, who’s honest approach to a healthy work-life balance, daily body-positive affirmations, and perspective on the representation of diversity within the fashion industry is nothing short of inspirational.

The star effect was crowned at the age of two but her parents understood the importance of her childhood and decided to pull back until adolescences.

“I can remember at a young age walking around in my mother’s high heels, twirling and performing for my family. And that is when my parents recognized the star-quality. (laughs)”

Harris first photoshoot was at 12 years old as her aunt was the fashion stylist for the project. As she described it being very exciting and organic. At the same time Harris was just breaking into the fashion industry as a fresh, vibrant and stunning 12-year-old. Her life changed right before her eyes as she was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma.

“The doctors described it to me as a strike of lightening. And there was nothing that I could have done to prevent this.”

With a heavy heart and devastating emotions racing through mind, wondering if walking was a possibility, the recovery process and the longevity of her career were at the top of her list.

“I presumed cancer as my life being over, and how can I even think about my next step.”

After 2 leg reconstruction surgeries to insert a titanium prosthesis, and pulling through fairly twenty cycles of aggressive chemotherapy and having consecutive physical therapy. Harris was successfully cancer-free and challenged her physical therapist that she will return to the runway in due time. Although, November 2015 she was faced with another setback having to undergo another major reconstructive operation on her prosthetic and knee.

Nevertheless, she persevered and was back ripping runways post three months in New York Fashion Week for celebrity designers; Stello (formally known MT Costello) and Walter Mendez. Since her major comeback, Harris has relocated to the city of Angels in California where she is obtaining her bachelors meanwhile juggling gigs throughout Hollywood.

During SS17 LA Fashion week, the 5’11 glamazon was one of the honoree models walking in Project Runway’s finalist Candice Cuoco and Vanessa Simmons “Filthy Feminist” collection. Undisputedly this showcase was one of the most influential and trending shows on social media particularly Harris’ scar reading, “cancer survivor”.

“I absolutely loved how they showcased my story. In the fashion industry scars and imperfections are looked down upon. But to have it highlighted and to be a positive representation of strength to others is just impactful.”

If Harris is not in hair and make-up, the twenty-something is heavily invested in philanthropy and mentorship. Natalia is a living testament to every woman and human race that imperfections are what make you individually perfect and resilient.

Before Natalia had to run to grab food. GAlexandra had to know who would Have a Seat At The Table for her dinner party and what’s on the menu.

“Oprah (definitely Oprah..!), Amy Purdy, Rihanna and the Lord above himself. And for the menu, I would definitely say my mom’s signature Paella dish. Which of course she would be sitting at the head of the table.

Be sure to stay connected with Natalia by following her on Instagram and website. And learn more about more about Osteosarcoma at American Cancer Society.

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