Whether you’re hiking mountain trails or heading to your local park, elevate your workout with these core moves and KEEN’s women-specific performance footwear.

Fitness is always evolving with creative ways to get fitter, more tone, and stronger—especially when it comes to your core muscles. Check out this TrailFit Workout Plan you can do nearly anywhere—without having to switch shoes—in easy-to-follow GIFs. Designed specifically for women with a dual-density footbed that molds to your feet for a glove-like fit, KEEN’s Terradoras will keep up wherever you go—with all-day comfort. Engineered for the shape of your foot from the ground up, they’re efficient and speedy when you need it and cushion-y and supportive when you’re working different muscles. Fire up your core with this circuit, take a short break, and then switch sides.

3. The Half-Crunch Side Plank


Flip a plank on its side to work out your oblique muscles and then get your abs in on the action with a crunch. Firmly plant your right hand on the ground, layer your feet one on top of each other, and extend your arm to create a full body slant. Then bend your left elbow to meet your left knee to work your abs, i.e. a half crunch. What’s great is KEEN Terradora’s high-top design will give your ankles support to hold the pose, along with flexibility to move freely.

2. The Shooting-Star Side Plank

A standard side plank will sculpt your obliques (a.k.a. “side abs”), but for an even more energized variation, hold your base arm straight and then lift your top leg up, keeping it extended, and then lower it back down (creating a star-shape with your top arm and legs). This challenging move will tone, improve balance, and build stability. Even if you start building up a sweat, the KEEN Terradora’s breathable mesh upper will keep your feet cool.

1. The Reverse Leg Lift

Remember crab races from junior-high gym class? Strike that same pose (hands and feet firmly planted on the ground with your midsection lifted), but stay still. Next, raise your left arm and right leg straight up at the same time and back down, then switch sides and lift your right arm and your left leg—kind of like you’re breakdancing. It might test your coordination, but this fun move will target your abs and glutes. It also helps having the KEEN Terradora’s grippy, all-terrain rubber outsole.

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