Queen Harrison

Age: 28
Hometown: Loch Sheldrake, NY/Richmond, VA
School: Virginia Tech
Occupation: Professional Track Athlete

Instagram: @goqueengo

Fast, Fit and Fabulous Queen sums up 28-year old, Olympian hurdler, Queen Harrison. At an early age, Harrison was taught the virtue of patience while remaining present in her journey. Over the course of time her sacrifice, resilience and faith abled her to excel in her respective sport and competing with World-class athletes like herself. 2016 was a year of discovery for the superstar athlete after missing the 2016 Rio Olympics this past summer. Harrison capitalized on the window of opportunity and immersed herself into training while being grounded in goodness and positivity. Forwarding into 2017, out the blocks her desire to redefine her strides and level of expectation will now be a test of her own limits.

“This year I want to be OK with the word selfish. Not in a negative way that’s it been painted but in a way that allows me to be my best version of myself so that I can give my best to those around me. Selfishly pursuing my dreams, on and off the track, and making them reality will not only benefit me but I want to encourage and help my family, friends and all those around me.” – Queen harrison

G.Alexandra: At what age did you beginning to take an interest in track & field?

Queen: I originally became interested in track because we moved from New York to Virginia and I didn’t have any friends in middle school and the track team was the largest team in school. So I ran and loved it but it wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school where after a conversation with my coach at the time, Walter Spain, I realized a potential I had in track and field that I didn’t know existed and began to take it more seriously.

G.Alexandra: What was your first race you won?

Queen: The first race, besides running against and beating my male cousins at age 7 and 8 (haha) that I remember was my first scrimmage type meet in middle school when I raced as a 6th grader and beat all the 8th graders in a 100/200 race.

G.Alexandra: What was one of your most devastating experiences in your track career which you turned into a positive outcome?

Queen: I would have to say this year at the 2016 Olympic Trials, when I placed 4th place and Top 3 made it to the Olympics. It was a really rough experience for me because it wasn’t just that I missed out on making the team, it’s because I felt like I was robbed of my spot. I will say that one of the most devastating times in my track career lead to one of the most amazing times in my life because I went to Rio to support my then boyfriend and by the end of the Olympics I was his fiancée.

G.Alexandra: What is one of your favorite mantra’s to live by?

Queen: I have a couple, “when I look good, I feel good and I run good.” Also, I live by “everything happens for a reason”, I truly believe that even in the rough and tough times, God makes NO mistakes and so it is my duty to embrace the good with the bad.

G.Alexandra: You are known for your bright color lipsticks on the track. What are some of your favorite shades for this season?

Queen: I LOVE nude shades no matter the time of year. Nude is very different depending on the wearer but for me I love Butter Gloss from NYX in creme brûlée! Also red is timeless and transcends season, so a good color for me is Ruby Woo from MAC.
For my own, I would pick the classic red, I’d probably call is Royal Red or Queening.

G.Alexandra: If we were to look in your gym bag right now, what would we find?

Queen: Stretching rope, Swell Water bottle, chapstick and lip gloss, snacks like almonds or energy bars.

G.Alexandra: What are some of your favorite at-home full body exercises?

Queen: Jumping jacks, planks, calf raises when brushing your teeth.

G.Alexandra: You have some killer abs- only a girl can dream of? What are some of the key things to help maintain them?

Queen: Thank you! Diet has a lot to do with my ab definition so I keep my nutrition as #1. As for exercises I do full core exercises instead of just sit ups and crunches. Also, I like to make sure I target my lower abs with leg lowering type ab exercises like leg throw downs!

G.Alexandra: How do you practice beauty inside and out?

Queen: For me, beauty starts within. I make sure to take care of myself through nutrition and holistic approaches whether incorporating essential oils for ailments /blemishes or moisturizing with Shea butter and Argan oil. Outside I LOVE lipstick, I think that by applying lipstick it automatically takes a drab look to FAB!

G.Alexandra: How many times a week do you work out? And if your unable to, what are some alternatives?

Queen: On average I work out 5-6 days/week, whether that be out at the track running, lifting in the weight room or doing alternative activities to get my body moving and work up a sweat. Lately, if I’m home and don’t go do a track workout my sisters are very much into dancing workouts so I’ll jump into a Shawn-T workout or ZUMBA of course! Getting the blood pumping in fun ways like dancing is always an alternative for me.

G.Alexandra: How have you monitored your calorie intake during the colder season?

Queen: I believe in moderation no matter the time of year. Not allowing myself to over indulge ANY time of year makes it easier, and by focusing more of my energy on spending quality time with family and loved ones, the food doesn’t become the focus of the season!

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