Name: Rita Habib

Hometown: Washington, DC
Age: 26
Occupation: Contract Specialist for DHS-FEMA(full-time), Personal Trainer & Bartender(part-time)
Instagram: @Ritaboo9
“I just wanted others to know that even if they felt like they hit rock bottom, there was a way to get that feeling back again. You know, that fire that gets you up in the morning. The fire that has you dreaming again and pursues what God put into your heart.” – Rita Habib

Passionate, disciplined, reasonable is what fitness trainer and influencer Rita Habib described herself as. And after sitting down with her, she is so much more than those three adjectives. A beautiful soul with a natural go-getter spirit who officially is our #bodygoals2017 – no lie is such an inspiration for everyone. If she weren’t already a trainer, we’d say she missed her calling because just hearing Habib’s voice can motivate you to make a change!

When Rita was twenty-three, she was diagnosed with endometrial polyps and endometriosis which led her to make some serious changes to her lifestyle – from going to gym 2-3 times a week, incorporating a restricted nutrition plan all the while maintaining a positive attitude – had an incredible effect on her. Which Habib said, she never wanted to be without once her results became visible. As she battled emotionally and physically through adversity she never allowed her circumstances to dictate her outcome. We caught up with Rita as she gives us the scoop on the personal routines that help her feel strong and empowered.

G.Alexandra: What is your fitness philosophy?

Rita: Self-investment. Make yourself a priority because at the end of the day, you are your longest commitment. Not everyone is gong to have the same fitness journey. Work towards being the best version of you. Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

G.Alexandra: When did you make the decision to jump start your weightless journey?

Rita: Back in 2013, I got very sick. I was only 23 and found out I had endometrial polyps and endometriosis. My whole life, I had really never had any type of illness outside of a cold. This set me back tremendously. I was on a lot of medication which caused me to put on weight. I got very down and depressed at how physically and emotionally weak I had become. Because I was so young, the doctors were very hesitant on putting me through surgery, so it was a very long four months. Even after surgery, I still found myself very depressed. I just wanted to be the same Rita again. Prior to getting sick, I was working out with a trainer twice a week. Once the domino affect happened to my life, I stopped working with him. We later touched base and he said, “Lets start training again, I just want you to get back to the Rita I know, the happy Rita.” From that point on, we began to meet 2-3 times a week. The gym then became therapeutic. It was the only time in the day where I felt good. Over the course of 3 months, we began to incorporate a nutritional diet which allowed me to see such amazing changes in my body. It was an amazing high and I never wanted to be without this feeling. From that point on, I became what some would call “obsessed.” It truly did become a lifestyle for me. Following in 2016, I got into body building and competed in my first NPC Bikini Show. Later in June, I got my ISSA Personal Training certification. On the side of my full time job and bartending, I typically jungle about 5-6 personal training clients.

G.Alexandra: What was your initial weigh in and overall total weight loss to date?

Rita: My initial weight was 155lb. My offseason weight is around 142lb – 145lb. My stage weight is about 132lb-134lb. I did however start at a 28% body fat and now I am currently in the 13-15% range. I always tells people do not base your fitness journey around weight because muscle weights more than fat.

G.Alexandra: Who are some of your biggest motivations? 

Rita: When I first got into fitness, I followed Nicole Mejia(@nicolemejia) who is responsible for the brand “Fit and Thick.” Her mission is to teach woman how to love the skin you are in and that “fit” can come in many different shapes and sizes. After getting into body building, I started to follow a lot of bikini competitor athletes. My ultimate favorite is Narmin Assria(@missnarmin). She is an IFBB Bikini Pro. I love her posts. Everything she puts on social media truly speaks to me. I also follow her snapchat where she showcases her complete lifestyle. She has days where she eats bad, drinks, and even skips the gym. I love that she demonstrates hard work and life balance.

“Aside from social media, my coach has been one of the biggest motivators in my fitness career. Ryan Blakeley who is responsible for the brand Skullz and Barbells is the reason why I got into body building.”  – Rita

He approached me one day at the gym about it and the rest was history. He’s probably one of the most passionate guys I know. Just the way he talks about this lifestyle makes you want to get up in the morning and get after it. This man has taught me so much about nutrition. I never really used to understand how to properly fuel your body in order to see the results you want. He has changed my life to be completely honest. I’ve never grown to love my body and this lifestyle as much as I do now.

Lastly, my boyfriend has been a tremendous influence in my life. He has taught me how to properly train. I’ve learned so much about the mind and muscle connection, more than I knew before. For over a year and a half, he’s been in the gym with me everyday pushing me to the limit. At this point in my life, I am by far at my strongest state. I’ve put one more lean mass in one year than I did in the previous three years. It is so important to be effective with your workouts rather than wasting endless hours in the gym doing it all wrong. He’s a stickler for good form. Even if I can lift heavier, he will make me drop down just to perfect my form. I am very disciplined when it comes to my nutrition and following by diet, but with training he takes the cake there. I can be a little hard headed at times and not want to admit he’s right about certain things, but he is! It is nice to be with someone who lives the lifestyle and just wants to see you be the best version of yourself.

G.Alexandra: Why did you decided after reaching your ideal weight goal- Did you decide to begin competing?

Rita: I was looking for something new. I felt like I had plateaued in my fitness journey and I needed a new goal. After meeting Ryan, who is now my Coach at the gym, I figured eh, why not give it a shot.

G.Alexandra: If we were to look in your gym bag right now, what would we find?

Rita: A hat!!! I love to workout with any type of hat. Not sure why. It kinda gets me in a zone, keeps the hair out of my face, and well, I like how they look 🙂 Powerless beats by dre, because those are a necessity. Gum, because for some reason I feel like I need gum to workout. Lastly, hair ties and chapstick because all the ladies know if you don’t have those two than your workout could be miserable.

G.Alexandra: What does a “cheat day” consist of?

Rita: Pizza FOR SURE. I also LOVE red velvet cake donuts from sugar shack. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and get a burger. The main necessity for a cheat night is good company. Nothing like reflecting on a good week with people you love.

Be sure to stay connected with Rita by following her on social media and for any personal training/ fitness inquires, contact her at

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