YouTube sensation, Ashley H. has taken the Internet (and Instagram for that matter) by storm. Being recognized by Beauty & Hair insiders as one of the top tier influencers gracing your feed daily with those flawless golden coils. Ashley says she’s living a life of “remember when” than a bunch of “what ifs” and we couldn’t agree more with her. When it comes to all things of beauty, the Bronx native knew that finding her niche to draw an audience wouldn’t be a difficult task with her New York State of Mind. Whether you’re looking to achieve the everyday wash & go, no makeup look tutorial or the perfect natural fluffy perm rod set -she has you covered! We finally got a chance to catch up with Ashley and learned her latest promotion with Palmers Cocoa Butter and DJ Khaled, beauty hacks, and some of her secrets to maintaining healthy skin and hair for Fall/Winter. #MajorKeyAlert 

Name: Ashleyimg_1252

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Occupation: Social Media (Beauty) Influencer/Blogger

Instagram | Website : @CurlsFoTheGirls | My website is currently under construction, but I can be found at!

G.Alexandra: What your personal mantra? 

Ashley: Live a life of “remember whens” rather than “what ifs”.

G.Alexandra: Where do you find your daily inspiration from? 

Ashley: Instagram for the most part! I’m always refreshing my feed. Also, my daily interactions with people via social and in person. I also get inspiration from my best friend/stylist; she’s dope!

G.Alexandra: What would we find in your makeup bag, right now (even at the bottom)? 

Ashley: Some sort of lip combination (pencil, lipstick + gloss), lip balm, hand cream, powder for touch ups + a beautyblender, and blush!

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G.Alexandra: If could only take two, which would they be; highlighter, hair steamer or brow pencil? 

Ashley: Hair steamer and brow pencil! 

G.Alexandra: How do you practice beauty inside and out? 

Ashley: I try to drink lots of water. I also TRY to get a good amount of sleep. Unfortunately, the latter hasn’t been working lately! I also maintain a good skincare regimen, which includes taking off ALL of my makeup, no matter how tired I am.

G.Alexandra: What is your daily skin regimen for the Fall?

Ashley: My daily skin regimen for the fall is pretty simple. During the day, I cleanse, exfoliate with a grainy scrub + exfoliating gel (depending on the day of the week), tone, use a mist skin hydrator, apply eye cream, and moisturize with a heavier gel-cream moisturizer. My skin is still pretty oily even in the cooler months, but the area around my nose tends to get a bit dry.

At night, I remove my makeup (if I wore any) usually with a sensitive baby wipe first. Then, I’ll either use Micellar water or my Korres Greek Yogurt 3-in-1 Emulsion, a mist skin hydrator, a beauty oil, and my night time moisturizer. The oil and moisturizer will have my skin GLOWING without being a greasy mess.

G.Alexandra: Do you prefer oil based cleansers vs. soap based? 

Ashley: I prefer soap based cleansers! I’m loving the Boscia Black Gel Cleanser because it works well with my oily/combination skin type and it warms up when you apply it to the skin. It’s a great way to really open your pores!

G.Alexandra: What is a new hair technique you obsessed about right now to persevere your natural curls? 

Ashley: I absolutely love my Q-Redew handheld steamer! Not only is it a great way to steam my hair while deep conditioning to allow the product to penetrate my hair, but it’s a good tool to refresh old styles (wash and gos, twist outs, etc), detangle and stretch your hair, and add moisture.

G.Alexandra: If you could host a dinner party with 5 people living or dead who would have #aSeatAtTheTable? And what’s on the menu?

Ashley: Hmmm.. This is very hard, but definitely my mom, Beyonce, and Michelle Obama. I don’t have a full menu in mind, but I’d probably ask my mom to make her baked mac & cheese. It’s heaven sent!

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