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Age: 23 Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Occupation: IT Solutions Advisor ( Enterprise IT services) Instagram: @jalisavaughn | Facebook: JaLisa Vaughn | Blog:

GAlexandra: What’s your personal mantra?

JaLisa: Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Meaning keep God first and he will do the rest…

GAlexandra: In your own opinion, what makes a great brand?

JaLisa: What makes a good brand is authenticity and consistency.

GAlexandra: Recently you started a blog, – What’s your personal definition of good content?

JaLisa: In terms of my new blog, good content is isn’t what you would typically think. I started an inspirational blog to help people spiritually, and for ministry purposes. So from my perspective good content is any form of me spreading the gospel, and sharing my testimonies/experiences of being a God fearing woman, while also living my life and learning throughout my various encounters with God. It’s not really the type of content that I’m hoping to draw “everyone”, I just want to draw the right people.

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GAlexandra: Where do you find your inspiration from?

JaLisa: I find my inspiration from my grandmother and my mother who are the strongest women I know.

GAlexandra: How do you practice beauty inside and out?

JaLisa: I practice inner beauty by praying, meditation, reading informative books, resting & eating well. I practice outer beauty by maintaining personal hygiene & health, keeping a smile on my face, also speaking the positive…

GAlexandra: What is in your purse? (Right now..even at the bottom)

JaLisa: Well this is going to sound very random. My phone of course, my wallet, my passport, my retainer, bobby pins, tons of allergy medicine, ibuprofen, a toenail clipper, dental floss, kylie lip sticks, mints, a brush, and a comb.

GAlexandra: Since “myspace days” and creating a social media presence on various platforms. How has this helped increase opportunities for your brand?

JaLisa: MySpace was my first social media page. Since then I’ve been known to take social media to another level and a lot more seriously than other people have. I am one that believes that social media is the way to everything in today’s society. Which is a portion of the reason why I majored in information technology. From any brand or business, it has to be “A1” order for you to succeed.

GAlexandra: What is some of the best advice you’ve ever received? And what’s the worst?

JaLisa: The best advice I have ever received was that it is okay to be selfish at times, if you always live your life based of what others want/think or need you will never get ahead and will remain in the same stagnant life cycle.

GAlexandra: Is being an African-American women in the tech industry challenging?

JaLisa: Being an African-American woman in the technology industry is for sure challenging. You are one of very few and often have to do extra/more than others to stand out or show your worth. It sucks but I guess it’s just the way things are. I always take pride in being an African woman in this industry, and being able to sprinkle BLACK GIRL MAGIC every day. I also am known to encourage many other young women to explore this industry when looking for majors in college, or even just jobs in general. Technology is something that will never go away or even decline, it is only going to enhance your after year.

GAlexandra: How do you think tech companies are bridging the gap between women and digital space?

JaLisa: I don’t think tech companies are bridging the gap at all. I believe women are now bursting through the doors and staking their own claim within the tech/digital space.


GAlexandra: If you could host a dinner party with 5 people living or dead who would have #aSeatAtTheTable? And what’s in your glasses?

JaLisa: I would have my Mother, Grandmother, my company CEO Meg Whitman, Karen Civil, and Tristan Walker. I would love to sit and just pull info from all of these Bosses (Spiritually, intellectually, and culturally). Each of them have traits that I strive to possess whether is in the Kingdom of God, Technology industry, or Socially/Culturally. And being my grandmother would be at the table, we would have WATER in our glasses lol.

GAlexandra: What advice would you give women who are wanting make a transition within their career?

JaLisa: The advice I would give would be to “just do it”, I know so many women, and I’ve had so many women come to me asking that same exact question and the reality is you will never know what you’re capable of until you “just do it” and often times you will shock yourself. If you don’t, you always have that question and will then spend your entire life teetering the fence and always wishing and hoping that you can do more, when in reality you can, you just choose not to.

GAlexandra: What’s next in 2017?

JaLisa: In 2017, I plan to continue to grow my brand, businesses and build up my newly launched blog!

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